What is a Fiscal Sponsorship?

A fiscal sponsorship allows you to solicit tax-deductible donations from donors for your project  by using our non-profit status.  It’s basically a flow-through pathway for you to receive donations that are a write off for your donors,  We understand that forming a non-profit is hard and not always doable, so we would like to help you accomplish your charitable goals and get your project off the ground

How Do I Qualify?:

We are most interested in projects that are in line with our mission of supporting socially conscious changemakers and storytellers.  So, if you are like-minded and have a project, such as a documentary, film, outreach program or charity event, we’ve got your back.  It’s our way of Rising Higher, Shining Brighter and Giving Back… to you!

How it Works: 

We will include your project on our website with a link to make donations.  You can send that link to your donors for easy donations or direct them to the donation page.  We take Zelle, Paypal, Personal Checks and Stock.

Our fee for doing this is 8% of all donations. This covers our third party fees, like Paypal as well as our administrative fees.  The rest is yours and we do the accounting for you.

Each month, we will issue you a statement and payment reflecting all the donations you’ve received.. minus the 8%, of course.

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