No Athlete Slows Down in the Last Lap, a.k.a. the Best Friend Process

By Pina De Rosa, M.C.Ht.

As we come to the close of another year, I’ve been working with some questions to powerfully complete 2014 and prepping the creation of a new amazing year ahead… 

I call this “The Best Friend Process”, I do this every year and I’ve thought to pass it on to you today (if you are so inspired to pass this process on to others, feel free to do so, I just ask you give them know the source as well):

Why do I call this “The Best Friend Process”?
Well…You know when you don’t see a best friend for quite sometime, you notice the (+/-) changes immediately?

It’s harder to get that same sense of perspective about ourselves cuz we see ourselves every day… 

So… as you look back to Dec 2013, imagine you are your own best friend and that you have not seen yourself in 1 year, then go ahead and take a moment to write out the answers to these questions for yourself… I will be doing that myself in a special notebook next week ~

1. What specific results have you achieved so far this year?
2. How are you healthier, wealthier, wiser?  
3. How are you winning or just holding ground?  
4. What results are you committed to achieve by the end of the year?  (make these last few days count, no athlete slows down in the last lap..)
5. How have you grown and what have you learned this year?  
6. Is there any unfinished business that needs to be tended to in your life?  
7. How are you actively pursuing what’s most important to you on a daily basis?  
8. What habits or behaviors do you need to change to ensure even better results?  (you can use the “SKSfactor” for this one*)
9. What is the key issue that inhibits your ability to perform at your best? (“SKSfactor” great on this one too..)

..a simple way to help you think of your answers, is by looking at something I call the 8Fs – you can look at any (preferably each) of the 8Fs:
(these are not to limit you, they are just to help you think of things..)

…and remember, you can always use my “SKSfactor” to keep it simple for all the above questions (especially for 8 & 9); with the “SKSfactor”, you choose 3 simple things:

one thing you will Stop doing
one thing you will Keep doing
one thing you will Start doing

If you feel there is an area in which you have failed this year (mildly or big time), check out this 30′ seconds Michael Jordan video I chose for you.

I’ll let you do your writing process for now and here’s to a great continuation of the festive season and a wonderfun 2015 to you!!! 

If you have any feedback or questions about this “Best Friend Process”, or if you’d like to apply for a complimentary 1 hour with Pina, you are welcome to email her at  Pina@GratitudeInternational.com 


Pina De Rosa is a member of The New Hollywood, and a Mindset Effectiveness Expert by trade. Her TEDxtalk on the power of choice has been seen close to 200000 times (it’s embedded from the TED site on her speaker for you to see: www.PinaDeRosa.com). 

A Hypnotherapist, High Performance Results Coach, and Keynote Speaker, Pina has been designing and leading live workshops, teleclasses and webinars for over 13 years now. She has been nominated for the Los Angeles Business Journal Women Making a Difference 5 years in a row (2010-2014). She speaks 5 languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish and German) and holds 4 passports. She is currently in production with her passion project, the “Sniffing Out Cancer” documentary, and invites you to take the SOC #HugAPup Challenge .  You can find out more about her here. 

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*Please note that not all experiences, beliefs and ideas are shared by each member of the “The New Hollywood.” We are a group of shepherds, not sheep