“The New Hollywood” recently had our Fall meeting where we voted on which charity to donate our quarterly funds to.  We had three incredible ladies each share about a cause and organization passionate to them.  After voting, TNH chose “Sniffing Out Cancer” as our Fall donation! Congratulations to member Pina De Rosa for her time and energy on this project and documentary.  Below is her blog on the organization.

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Imagine a happy, newly-wed bride, a bright light in the world, a dancer, a marriage and family therapist, healthy, vegan, a spiritual practitioner at the Agape spiritual center in L.A., a most joyful island girl.

Had my best friend been alive today, in 3 weeks it would have been her birthday.

She died of cancer four years ago.

She was sent home 3 times, before they figured out it was cancer – the doctors gave her antibiotics for what they thought was Urinary Tract Infection. As her lower abdominal pain persisted, she was told to take the antibiotics longer. 

By the time they diagnosed it was cancer, unfortunately it was too late, it was Stage 4.

Now, imagine being able to save her…and all your loved ones…

1 in 3 people die of cancer today.

“Sniffing Out Cancer”, under the fiscal sponsorship of “From the Heart Productions” is a documentary whose mission is to educate people on dogs’ proven ability to detect cancer, EARLY (stages 0 & 1) in humans, with 99% accuracy through scent detection (the same way they can detect bombs/drugs/missing children…). From the Heart Productions”, founded by Carole Dean, is a 501c3 non-profit that supports projects directed by women. 

At the moment there is no cure for cancer, so early detection and prevention is KEY. Dog’s can “SNIFF OUT” cancer earlier and with greater accuracy than ANY modern medical equipment. 

Watch how they do it:

“Sniffing Out Cancer” highlights that dogs have been/can be trained to detect cancer and alert us of cancer at stages 0 & 1, as shown in the federally-funded studies published in medical journals.

“So far, no machine or diagnostic test in the world comes close to the dogs’ nose, in sensitivity or specificity.”
                              *from InSitu Foundation

This groundbreaking story must be shared because it will both educate people and save lives: awareness is crucial in making a non-invasive, affordable, universal cancer screening process that will save thousands of lives. It is a game-changer in the field of medicine.

I am championing a tax-deductible donation to benefit “Sniffing Out Cancer” so that awareness of Cancer Detection Dogs grows, and other people do not lose their best friend, or parent, or spouse, or sibling….  I invite you to do the same.

The undeniable fact is, until there is a cure, early detection is THE answer to what will save lives.

I am executive-producing this documentary on early detection because it baffles me that it still seems to be a best kept secret! 

“SNIFFING OUT CANCER” represents taking a chance on what can be a total medical game-changer, with possibilities in the fight against cancer that could go beyond our wildest expectations. The animal lover/activist and visionary in us “gets” that. 

The Facts:

-Dogs have been scientifically proven to be 98 – 99% accurate in the early detection of lung, breast and ovarian cancer, with more studies in the pipelines (awaiting funding). Watch this CBS News special to see how the dogs actually do it:

-So far, no machine or diagnostic test in the world comes close to the dogs’ nose, in sensitivity or specificity.

In Short:

*from InSitu Foundation
-The first federally funded study (early detection of breast and lung cancer) was published in 2006, in the Journal of Integrative Cancer Therapies, a medical journal.

-The second federally funded study (early detection of ovarian cancer) is currently being published in the Journal of Integrative cancer Therapies, a medical journal.

-Thousands of studies have been published on the subject of breath analysis (EBC, exhaled breath condensate) to study disease. EBC is a relatively new science.

-Breath (EBC) is a bodily fluid, like urine or blood, and can be used in diagnosing diseases. Dogs have alerted on In Situ (= Stage 0) cancer in human breath samples.

-Dogs are aiding scientists and doctors in the development of the mechanical nose of cancer detection.

-Currently there are machines in place that use breath analysis to detect cancer, but only in latter stages. 

This rate of detection is higher than any present day cancer-detection diagnostic medical equipment (e.g. for breast cancer, the current rate is 40%; for lung cancer, there is no detection/diagnostic early screening available to date). Dogs have the ability to detect cancer much earlier than modern day machines are able, thus allowing preventative measures to be applied earlier in a patient’s life. Canine Scent Detection, is a proven method to create and establish trained dogs to detect cancer early in people, allowing them to take the necessary immediate steps that ultimately saves lives.
Adriana La Corte, Writer, Director, Producer: http://www.SniffingOutCancer.com
Pina De Rosa, Executive Producer: http://www.gratitudeinternational.com/sniffingoutcancer.html  
“Sniffing Out Cancer” is currently in production. You can receive updates, and support its mission by following Adriana https://twitter.com/bellamica8 and Pina https://twitter.com/graceandpassion on Twitter, 
and supporting Sniffing Out Cancer on Facebook

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