TNH Finish the Year Strong has been an essential tool to help me motivate myself and others to really habitualize an area of health and wellness within my life. I’ve found that the seemingly simple habit changes create the most profound results. When I was immediately postpartum my goal was to move for 30 minutes consistently each day. Whether it was a walk with or without my son, to dance with my son in my arms while playing music and having a timer set or attempting a workout that made sense for my level of recovery. I’ve done meditation challenges and that has jumpstarted my mindfulness routine, I’ve created a specific AM regiment that helped me start the day off consciously and each year I have used this challenge to better myself. I can’t believe this is our 7th annual challenge! This challenge has also helped me see my hurdles, what triggers my self-sabotage/limiting beliefs and encouraged me to keep going even when I didn’t want to because other people were depending upon me and I needed to lead by example. I highly recommend and I look forward to supporting you with Manifesting Your Mission thru our annual challenge TNH Finish the Year Strong! Together we can Rise Higher, Shine Brighter & Give Back!

Brianna Brown
Paid to Pretend. I do a lot, I care a lot.

I love that The “Finish The Year Strong” Challenge was designed (for both men and women) as a way of supporting you in optimizing & reaching a health and wellness goal that is important to you. Why I love it is because it allows each participant to finish the year strong and, given that 92% of people do not keep their new year’s resolutions, I find it an even more essential tool to creating a powerful momentum to finish (and start) the year strong! I really enjoy seeing the variety of goals that each individual focuses on. While weight management might be the goal for some participants, the “Finish The Year Strong” is so much more than that! Because it is about health, not just weight. Personally, when I am committed to taking my health to my next level, if I know that there are other people participating for their own health & well-being, it inspires me to step up my game. And the added bonus that we are all playing for our favorite charities, makes it so I don’t slack off! It’s great that it’s not time consuming – anyone with access to a computer or smart phone can participate from anywhere in the world! You are all invited to join, that way we can participate together: now is a great time to get the support you desire for your health goals. And when you reach them, your charity wins – sounds like a perfect win/win to me!

Pina De Rosa

I’ve loved being a part of FINISH THE YEAR STRONG (formerly Get My Body Back) as a team leader and participant for the past several years to focus on and challenge my mind, body, spirit habits. Receiving and giving support has given me the opportunity to grow in new ways and accept when I’ve not fully achieved what I was aiming for. Paying that energy forward as you have accountability support and getting to give back to a charity of your choice is a win win. It’s challenging and when we give ourselves challenge met with determination we can see beneficial results. Who doesn’t want to end the year strong? I’ve been fortunate to support charity’s love in the process.


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